Christmas Concert 2011

Oldham Parish Church - Xmas Friday 16th Dec 7:30 p.m. Xmas
With Oldham Band (Lees)
Oldham Parish Church

The weather was kind to us this year and the attendance at this Christmas concert was very good both from audience and choir.  And an excellent concert it was too.  The Oldham band were excellent as usual, supporting choir and audience in most of the carols and performing several solo pieces under conductor John Collins.  Angela Lloyd-Mostyn on the piano accompanied the choir in many of their solo items and Nigel Wilkinson produced, conducted and narrated with his usual aplomb.  It was a pleasure to be back in Oldham Parish Church and seasonal refreshments were provided afterwards by members of the congregation.

To view the concert programme, click here.

Margaret Hood, our Vice Chair and Social Secretary normally sings with the sopranos, but having just returned from the antipodes she was in the audience this time and volunteered the following review, reproduced from the Chairman’s Christmas newsletter.

As our illustrious Chairman of the Society took part in the above Concert and is, therefore, unable to “blow his own trumpet”, I decided to blow a few notes myself, as your “Chairman of Vice”. It was a lovely experience to sit as part of the audience for once, and to give an unbiased – well fairly unbiased – account of the evening. First of all, it was good to see the majority of the choir looking as though they were enjoying the evening. A nice tidy entrance from you all and there seemed to be no chattering once you were all seated. The first item of Hail Smiling Morn was a great opening number by both Band and Choir, contrasting beautifully with the next three carols. Diction was good throughout. The Candlelight Carol was absolutely superb – the Band played very softly and the choir could be heard very well over them – that particular item was my favourite of the whole evening. It was good to see heads „out of books‟ particularly in the items from Messiah, which I admit I was singing along with you in my head! What super items from the Band, and their soloists were great. My Dad used to play the tenor horn many years ago, so that brought back many memories too. The flugel horn soloist was brilliant and I am sure will go far. The Christmas Lullaby was superb and the two final items, on a much lighter note, were a joy – and the various items of headgear were hilarious. I loved Angela‟s „choir colours‟ outfit which seems to be the exactly same shade of green and looks very smart indeed. It was good to see such a large audience. Hilda and I had the pleasure of sitting with Christine and Peter Quan – we were a bit snug in a four seater pew. Peter did say „you will have to try to slim for next year‟ . Won‟t work mate, I‟ve been trying for years!! It was lovely to hear him singing again and Christine was pointing out to him all the people that Peter knew. All in all, a very good concert, with a good mixture of items. (By the way, that mulled wine was delicious!!

Margaret Hood